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Dispose Of Bulky Furniture For Free In Singapore 2023

Disposal of bulky furniture can be a challenging task, especially when you are concerned about the cost and environmental impact. Fortunately, in Singapore, there are several accessible and eco-friendly solutions available that allow you to dispose bulky furniture items for free. 

In this article, we will explore these sustainable options, ensuring you can de clutter your space without breaking the bank

Contact your Town Council

Our most common option is to contact your town council, they provide free removal of bulky items such as furniture for all HDB Residences, also note that they do have a maximum number of bulky items per month for a little info a dining set which consists of 1 table and 2 chairs are considered 3 items already.

For additional items, some town councils might agree to them, but you might need to pay an additional fee of $5 for each two additional items.

Also note that the service does not include dismantling of the furniture and you will need to place it outside of your house on the appointed time and day of collection. 

Furniture Donation Programs

Non-profit organizations, such as the Salvation Army operates Furniture Donation Programs that accept used furniture from individuals for free, please do note that your donated items must be in good condition before booking an appointment.

You can book your appointment here: https://redshieldindustries.com

This program aims to repurpose and redistribute donated items to low-income families or individuals in need. By donating your furniture, you not only contribute to waste reduction but also make a positive impact on the community. Contact these organizations to find out more about their donation processes and collection points. 

Online Platforms and Communities

Take advantage of online platforms and communities dedicated to the free exchange or giveaway of furniture items. Websites such as:

Free cycle


Facebook also provides Platforms such as Fb groups like Free loved Furniture Singapore, Singapore buy and sell, and Facebook Market Place Singapore.

This is where you can list your unwanted furniture items and connect with individuals looking for such items. This way, you can find a new home for your furniture without any financial cost. Embracing these platforms promotes the reuse and repurposing of furniture, minimizing waste and fostering a sense of sustainability within the community.

Please refer to the links below for the Facebook groups:

Free Loved Furniture Singapore

Singapore Buy and Sell


Recycling Programs

Keep an eye out for recycling programs that encourage responsible furniture disposal.

Some retailers like Junk Value offer take-back programs, allowing you to dispose of your furniture in an ecofriendly way.

By participating in these programs, you contribute to resource conservation and promote a circular economy. Additionally, explore recycling programs that specialize in furniture waste. These programs ensure that your furniture is recycled or upcycled, further reducing the environmental impact. 

To End

Disposing of bulky furniture for free in Singapore is now easier than ever before, thanks to sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Whether through the NEA’s Bulk Waste Collection Service, furniture donation programs, online platforms, retailer initiatives, or recycling programs, you have numerous options to choose from. By embracing these methods, you are not only de cluttering your space but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Take the first step towards a clutter-free future in Singapore and make a positive impact on the world around you. 

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