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Dispose Of Bulky Furniture For Free In Singapore

This article has been updated in 2023.

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When it comes to disposal of bulk furniture, free is always better than paid, and getting paid for your pre-loved furniture is even better! Read on to find out how you can dispose of your bulky furniture on the cheap or even make a few extra bucks from it!

Salvation Army

Give It To Someone In Need

When my clients have furniture which are in good condition and could benefit from a new owner, I’ll ask them to donate the items to Red Shield Industries. They provide free transportation of bulky furniture as along as it is in good condition. You’ll get to declutter and while helping out a family in need.

Alternatively, you can also donate to people who are in need via Pass It On. The project seeks to connect families in need to people who would have otherwise thrown away items which are still usable. They work with Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs) to list what is needed so that what you donate directly and immediately benefit the family.

Contact Your Town Council

If you stay in a public housing, the most common option would be to contact your town council. They provide free monthly bulky items removal service for all HDB residences. They will have a maximum number of items for each month. For Pasir Ris – Punggol Town Council, that would be 3 free items per month. Some Town Councils might agree to remove additional bulky items with an additional fee of $5 for each two additional items (AMKTC). Do take note that a dinning set which consist of 1 table and 2 chairs would be considered 3 items.

Please note that the service does not include dismantling of the furniture and you will need to place it outside of your house on the appointed date and time of the collection.


Commercial Disposal Service​

There are some commercial disposal services which offer free/free-ish disposal of bulky items, some even provide free dismantling services. As their offering changes often, best to check directly with them before engaging their services. You can check out Junk Disposal or Free Disposal.

Get Someone To Buy It From You

Hock Siong Co
If you have something which has a bit more heritage or can be restored, you might have a change to make a quick buck! Reach out to Hock Siong & Co they might ask for a few photos and some details before buying it. It is a little more work, but can be well worth the effort. Over the years, they’ve grown their offerings and you can also visit their showflat along Kampong Ampat should you be looking for some restored furniture!
Another choice would be to consider Second Charm Home where they will restore your vintage furniture to its olden glory giving them a new lease of life! They have many nice pieces and you can also follow them on Instagram!

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