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Property Transactions and Trends – November 2022

Bookmark this page to find the latest transaction prices for landed homes in Serangoon Gardens. If you have any questions or would like to find out the value of your property, feel free to drop me a WhatsApp!

1. Serangoon Gardens - Terrace & Corner Terrace

Over the last 6 months, the highest PSF transacted is from a under construction unit located on Lorong Chuan which sold for $5.38m or $2,957psf. This is a new record for Serangoon Gardens. The previous high was for a unit along Chiselhurst Grove which sold at $4.75m or $2,582psf back in Jan 2022.

The cheapest (quantum) transacted is a 999 leasehold unit located along Chiselhurst Grove which sold for $2.038m or $1,108psf.

Street NamePriceSizePSFLeaseDate
Medway Drive4.05m1,920$2,109 FH Oct-22
Li Hwan Terrace3.38m2,520$1,341 FH Oct-22
Braemar Drive6.5m2,814$2,310 999Oct-22
Bloxhome Drive4.6m2,809$1,637 999Sep-22
Chuan View2.85m1,735$1,643 99Sep-22
Chuan View3m1,748$1,716 99Sep-22
Bodmin Drive4.1m2,796$1,466 999Sep-22
Li Hwan Terrace3.5m1,677$2,087 FH Sep-22
Huddington Avenue5.4m2,970$1,818 999Sep-22
Braemar Drive6.45m2,802$2,302 999Sep-22
Lorong Chuan5.38m1,819$2,957 FH Aug-22
Lorong Chuan5.38m1,819$2,957 FH Aug-22
Jalan Pacheli3.33m2,080$1,601 FH Aug-22
Braemar Drive6.608m2,800$2,360 999Aug-22
Chuan View2.75m1,735$1,585 99Aug-22
Borthwick Drive4.05m1,680$2,410 999Aug-22
Tai Hwan Grove3.68m2,034$1,809 FH Aug-22
Chuan Terrace3.93m2,057$1,911 FH Jul-22
Brockhampton Drive4.03m2,814$1,432 999Jul-22
Serangoon Garden Rise2.86m1,615$1,771 99Jul-22
Kensington Park Road3.8m2,699$1,408 999Jul-22
Tai Hwan Terrace4.05m2,601$1,557 FH Jul-22
Serangoon Garden Way3.75m2,146$1,747 FH Jul-22
Braemar Drive3.98m2,817$1,413 999Jul-22
Serangoon Garden Close3.1m1,615$1,920 99Jun-22
Serangoon Garden Terrace3.4m2,288$1,486 99Jun-22
Conway Circle4.88m3,788$1,288 FH May-22
Worthing Road5.6m4,155$1,348 999May-22
Chiselhurst Grove2.038m1,840$1,108 999May-22
Burghley Drive4.8m2,161$2,221 FH May-22
Huddington Avenue3.38m2,166$1,561 999May-22
Coniston Grove3.62m2,640$1,371 999May-22
Li Hwan Place3.69m2,467$1,496 FH May-22
Farleigh Avenue5.1m2,293$2,224 999May-22
Jardine Residences
Chiselhurt Grove

2. Serangoon Gardens - Semi Detached

Over the last 6 months, the highest PSF transacted is from a new built house located on Blandford Drive which sold for $6.22m or $2,222psf  in Sept 2022 which is also a new record. The previous high was for a unit another unit along Blandford Drive which sold at $6.1m or $2,179psf back in Mach 2022.

The cheapest (quantum) transacted is a 999 leasehold unit located along Hemsley Avenue which sold for $4.5m or $1,162psf in Oct 2022.

Street NamePriceSizePSFLeaseDate
Hemsley Avenue4.5m 3,874 $1,162 999 Oct-22
Serangoon Garden Way5.15m 2,491 $2,068 999 Sep-22
Brighton Avenue6.18m 5,108 $1,210 FH Sep-22
Blandford Drive6.22m 2,800 $2,222 999 Sep-22
Berwick Drive5.206m 2,533 $2,055 999 Sep-22
Braemar Drive5.528m 2,805 $1,971 999 Sep-22
Conway Grove5.32m 3,634 $1,464 999 Aug-22
Grace Park4.589m 3,063 $1,498 FH Aug-22
Berwick Drive4.68m 2,158 $2,169 999 Aug-22
Burghley Drive5.818m 2,957 $1,968 999 Aug-22
Walmer Drive5.68m 4,418 $1,286 999 Aug-22
Crowhurst Drive6.5m 4,200 $1,548 999 Jul-22
Cowdray Avenue3.6m 2,164 $1,664 999 Jul-22
Burghley Drive4.19m 2,800 $1,497 999 Jul-22
Alnwick Road5.5m 4,705 $1,169 999 Jul-22
Cowdray Avenue4.548m 2,168 $2,098 999 Jun-22
Conway Grove5.6m 2,640 $2,121 999 Jun-22
Farleigh Avenue8.72m 4,200 $2,076 999 Jun-22
Serangoon Garden Way8.88m 6,872 $1,292 999 May-22
Crowhurst Drive7.38m 4,593 $1,607 999 May-22
Li Hwan Drive4.88m 3,840 $1,271 FH May-22
St. Helier'S Avenue6.8m 5,156 $1,319 FH May-22
Cowdray Avenue3.75m 2,160 $1,736 999 May-22
Blandford Drive
Hemsley Avenue

3. Serangoon Gardens - Detached

No new transactions in the month of October have been reported. Over the last 6 months, the highest PSF transacted is from a resale house located on Raglan Grove which sold for $7.2m or $1,557psf. The previous highest transacted is for a unit along Brighton Crescent which sold for $8m or $1,832psf back in March 2022.

The cheapest (quantum) transacted is a unit located along Carisbrooke Grove which sold for $12.28m or $854psf in Aug 2022.

Street NamePriceSizePSFLeaseDate
Worthing Road5.6m 5,063 $1,106 999 Sep-22
Raglan Grove7.2m 4,625 $1,557 999 Aug-22
Carisbrooke Grove12.28m 1,380 $854 999 Aug-22
Tai Hwan Heights5.85m 4,618 $1,267 FH Jun-22
Raglan Grove
Carisbrooke Grove

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